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About Voronezh

Population: 1015 ths
Founded: 1586
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 1510

Voronezh is an administrative center of the Voronezh region. It’s located on the river of the same name as the city, in 534 km from Moscow.

Voronezh is the birthplace of Russian navy and the Soviet air landing troops. The city got the honorary degree "The city of military glory" in 2008.

Voronezh was founded as fortress in 1586. Townspeople supported impostors – Lzhedmitry I and Lzhedmitry II - in the Time of Troubles. The first Russian regular military fleet was founded in Voronezh in 1696. The Great Patriotic War left its mark on Voronezh. The city was partially under the German occupation from 1942 to 1943. As a result 92% of all residential buildings have been destroyed. Reconstruction of Voronezh was ended only in 1950.

As for the industry, chemical, petrochemical, food branches, as well as mechanical engineering, metalwork and production of construction materials are developed.

The city of Voronezh is the cultural center of the region. There are many theaters (Voronezh State academic Drama Theater named after A.Koltsov, Voronezh State opera and ballet theater, Voronezh little theater, Voronezh State Youth Theater, Voronezh Puppet Theater), cinemas, museums (Voronezh regional art museum n.a. Kramsky, Voronezh regional literary museum n.a. Nikitin, Voronezh regional museum of local lore) and libraries in the city. Voronezh has been also hosted All-Russian festival of Japanese animation since 2000.

The city architecture is presented by houses belonging to pre-revolutionary period, as well as by buildings of the Soviet period and modern buildings. Voronezh is being actively developed now.

The Uspensky Admiralty temple is one of the most ancient buildings of Voronezh. It’s located on Sofia Perovskaya Street, 9. The temple is an architectural monument of the 17th century. It represents the stone-built five-domed temple with a three-storied belltower. Because the building was reconstructed time and again, mixture of different styles could be seen in its architecture. So, the temple is built in Old Russian style, belltower - in forms of classicism.

Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin constructed in the middle of the 19th century is located on the left bank of Voronezh River, almost opposite to the Admiralty temple. The church is the five-dome building 35 m high built in style of classicism, with an adjoining three-storied belltower. The church was closed in 1939. A hostel, a sugar mill and a warehouse were situated in its building at different times. Then the upper circles of the belltower were demolished. The church was returned to believers again in 1989. The seminary, Sunday schools and library function at the temple.

There is a house on Revolyutsii Avenue where the Great Russian writer Ivan Bunin was born. The building was initially one-storeyed, but it was reconstructed in two-storeyed by order of one of its owners in 1872. The first floor of the building is made of brick, the second one - of wooden. The back part of the house represents the two-storeyed building extended in a yard, and surrounded by the cascade of balconies. There has been a memorial board on this building since 1990 which holds that: "In this house the Great Russian writer Ivan A. Bunin was born on October 10 (22), 1870".

One more monument of architecture constructed at the end of the 19th century is located near Bunin's house. This building is a bright representative of Russian style. The building is three-storyed; it consists of two identical sections. The central part is accented by a hip, lateral – by ependytes. Planning of floors is identical.

There is also quite large number of the monuments in Voronezh devoted to military history.

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