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Реутов, Новогиреевская, 9
Г. Реутов, по ул. Новогиреевская стоят 3-ех этажные дома, которые относится к ветхому жилью, дома которым много лет, их обещают снести, но почему то никто этого не делает. Дома в которых текут потолки, когда тает снег на крышах, лопаются трубы от старости дома, есть газовые колонки, а у некоторых и этого нет и люди ходят мыться к соседям. По всему городу Реутову идет застройка новых домов, а жильцов по ул. Новогиреевская никак не могут переселить. Очень маленькая площадь в квартирах, проходные комнаты, нет консьержек, в подъезды заходят наркоманы, подростки разрисовывают стены, очень сильно дует от окон и люди мёрзнут. Никто не может позволить себе сделать ремонт, т.к эти дома обещают снести. У многих жильцов нет понятия ванна, стоит один туалет с дыркой в полу, у некоторых жильцов ванна находиться на кухне.
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герб Voronezh region Voronezh region



Population: 1015 ths
Founded: 1586
Pictures of buildings
(houses): 1510

Voronezh region is a part of Central federal district. Administrative center is the city of Voronezh.

Voronezh region borders on Tambov, Lipetsk, Kursk, Rostov, Volgograd, Saratov and Belgorod regions and also on Ukraine.

The major part of the whole population of the region, which is above 2 million people, is urban dwellers.

The industry is well developed in Voronezh region, and especially such branches as food and chemical industry, mechanical engineering, metal working, energy engineering, agricultural raw materials processing.

The largest city of the region is Voronezh; Borisoglebsk is second-large. Rossosh is also rather big town.

First of all, the natural architectural and archaeological memorial estate "Divnogorye" should be marked out among all sights of the Voronezh region. Cave cretaceous churches belonging to the middle of the 17th century are located in this open-air museum. The Uspensky monastery is also located here.

One more interesting place of note is located near Kostomarovo village. This is a Sacred Spassky convent. According to the legend, it was founded by St Andrew The Apostle himself before Christianity adoption in Russia. Eight caves located here belong to the monastery. The Biggest of them is the underground Spassky church which holds 2000 persons. The territory around the Spassky convent is called New Jerusalem.

The Voronezh national reserve is located on the border of Voronezh and Lipetsk regions. The territory occupied by this reserve is 31053 hectares. The pinewoods with oak impurity prevail in the territory of the reserve. 217 species of bird 60 and species of mammals live here. Now the pilot project is launched in the reserve concerning the organization of ecological tourism.

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